SusKelpFood in the Faroe Islands
Jun 24, 2024

Last week a delegation from the SusKelpFood project presented some of our interesting results on the 13th edition of Seagriculture EU in the beautiful Faroe Islands. Seagriculture serves as a platform to forward collaboration, exchange of knowledge, and to inspire innovative ideas in the field of seaweed cultivation, product development and sustainable systems. This year it was a total of 224 delegates from 25 countries and 123 companies and institutions participating. The delegation from SusKelpFood included three scientists (Dagbjørn Skipnes, Arne Duinker and Sanna Matsson) and the industry partners Ocean Forest, Lofoten Blue harvest and Seaweed Solutions. 


The opening of the conference was duly done by cutting of a seaweed line. Photo credit: Sanna Matsson


Dagbjørn Skipenes (Nofima) presented “Pulsed electric field processing of kelp: advantages, challenges and opportunities for industrial applications” and Arne Duinker (IMR) presented data and insights from the last years of research linked to processing of farmed kelp for food purposes, including iodine reduction and fermentation in a talk “Processing farmed kelp for the food industry”.


Dagbjørn and Arne presenting some findings from the SusKelpFood project. Photo credit: Sanna Matsson


Prior to the conference, there was a day tour, where the leader in seaweed production in Europe, Ocean Rainforest showed the sites where they grow both kelp and dulse. The sites where beautifully located and could we not have been luckier with the weather conditions for a boat trip in the midst of the Atlantic ocean.


Beautiful seaweed, beautiful site, beautiful weather, and an absolutely beatiful day at Ocean Rainforest. Photo credit: Sanna Matsson


Ocean Rainforest had a thoroght guide through their process factory, including detailed information, taste of products and talks including gametophyte production, processing and marked plans. 


Impressive tour at Ocean Rainforest's process factory. Photo credit: Sanna Matsson


Some products presented at the tour. Photo credit: Sanna Matsson


The conference dinner included both a farouese men's choir (for entertainment, not food) and seaweed sprinkled courses. But Arne never gets enough seaweed, so he brought his own seaweed sprinkles. Photo credit: Sanna Matsson


The SusKelpFood delegation are very satisfied and impressed by this years Seagriculture EU - both the venue, the Seagriculture team and the presentations. Thanks for having us!