Low Trophic Aquaculture workshop, Tromsø
Apr 23, 2024

Recently, Nofima and NORCE  (Norwegian Research Center), organized the Second Low Trophic Aquaculture workshop in Tromsø. Low-trophic aquaculture (LTA) is the farming of species that are low in the food chain and that grow by utilizing nutrients and organic particles in the water. Experts from research, governance and industry were gathered to share their experiences with LTA in Norway. This was an excellent arena to discuss the many challenges and possibilities faced in this new and growing industry. The sessions spanned topics on novel LTA species and IMTA, micro- and macroalgae, policy and governance, and markets for LTA products.

SusKelpFood project leader Pierrick Stévant presented results from the project with the title “Processing of seaweeds in food applications”, presenting some of the main findings of the project. The presentation was followed by a panel debates, discussing among other things the perspectives from the food industry for the inclusion of kelp in food products, particularly in relation to the balance between the risk of excess iodine and the possibility of iodine supply.